🏠 Country Inn Topics

  • Popular Country Inns around Charlottesville

      If you are looking for something more than a hotel, a country inn is the perfect place for a getaway. You are probably asking what exactly is a country inn, isn’t it the same as a bed & breakfast? Well they are quite similar but a country inn offers Continue reading

  • Being a Successful Bed & Breakfast

      So you have finally purchased a country inn and you are ready to turn it into the bed & breakfast of your dreams. The furniture is picked out, linens purchased, menu has been created, chef is ready to make fabulous meals, and innkeeper is ready for guests. But what characteristics make Continue reading

  • Buying a Country Inn: Making Dreams Come True

      Waking up in an antique four poster bed with a glorious feather quilt and oversized pillows then you catch the aroma of something deliciously sweet and fresh coffee. You open your eyes, take that first morning stretch and look out of the large bay window in your room to a spectacular view of the Blue Ridge Mountains. You walk downstairs and share breakfast with others Continue reading

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