Boutique Hotel or Airbnb: Which one is right for you?

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Summer is almost over and now that folks are traveling again you may be thinking of an end of season get away. Many things have changed over the last year and a half and one of them is that people are craving more intimate and personal experiences. For an end of summer  excursion, you may want to avoid the large chain hotels for something smaller, cozier and more personal. A stay in a boutique hotel or in an Airbnb are perfect options. There are some differences and the one you choose will come down to personality and the type of experience you are craving.

Boutique Hotel

A boutique hotel is defined as “a small stylish hotel, typically one situated in a fashionable urban location.” Boutique hotels tend to be smaller in size than their large hotel chain counterparts. Most boutique hotels have anywhere from 10 to 100 rooms. This allows for a more personal experience. The staff with fewer guests to attend to are more likely to get to know your name, your drink of choice and your interests. This fact allows them to be able to make suggestions on local pubs you would enjoy or areas of interest that you would appreciate. Boutique hotels make the most of their autonomy and you will find a variety of styles to choose from. The hotel could have historical significance, be architecturally intriguing or have themed rooms. No two rooms within the hotel will be exactly the same, providing more interest than your average big chain hotel. Many boutique hotels are located in a chic and fun neighborhood allowing you to explore to your heart’s content. Due to its small stature and cosy feel, a boutique hotel can make you feel a little less like a tourist and a little more like someone who lives in the neighborhood. Don’t be fooled by the casual feel of the place though since boutique hotels provide all the luxuries of the big chains such as spas, pools and gyms in a smaller more charming atmosphere. You are also more likely to get a full meal provided in one of these small charmers. Because boutique hotels are smaller in size and located in a chic urban setting, they are more likely to source their goods from the surrounding neighborhood. Everything from flowers, to food, to furniture could come from local craftspeople down the street.


Airbnbs are homes that you rent for the duration of your vacation. If you are really invested in living like a local then an Airbnb is going to be your best bet. Unlike big chain hotels or boutique hotels, an Airbnb is truly a home away from home. This is great if you crave a-lot of space. Your home away from home will have it all…a bedroom, bathroom, living room and kitchen. You can shop at the local grocers and wine store and create an amazing feast to enjoy. Like the boutique hotel you can rent a Aitbnb located in a chic urban area providing you the opportunity to explore the neighborhood, shop the local grocers and spend time in the local pub. The owners of the Airbnb you are renting may leave you information about the area. Because these folk actually live in the area and are not just employed there, the information that you obtain can be much more authentic than what you receive from any hotel employee. You could also find an Airbnb to rent off the beaten path or up in a tree. Your options are endless. An Airbnb is also a wonderful option if you are planning on having a group of people vacationing together or are planning a large party. There is even an Airbnb Luxe that provides “A selection of pristine, expertly designed homes with high-end amenities,services, and dedicated trip designers”. Imagine spending your vacation in a chalet located in the Swiss Alps. Airbnbs do not provide housekeeping, room service or restaurants, requiring all the cooking, cleaning and serving be done by you.

A stay in a boutique hotel or an Airbnb will allow you to live like a local during your vacation. Both could potentially save you money compared to the large chain hotels. Sometimes they will even allow you to bring your favorite pet. So whatever you’re looking for in a vacation, whether it’s a stay at a small luxurious boutique hotel with housekeeping, room-service and a luxe spa or an authentic local experience in your home away from home – you cannot go wrong with a boutique hotel or an Airbnb. Have you decided which one is right for you?

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