Country Inn and Bed & Breakfast: Same or Different?

country inn

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Recently I was searching for a place to stay in Lovingston, VA and I noticed country inn popping up in my searches. Instantly, I thought that a country inn was just the same as a bed & breakfast. But did you know that the two are completely different establishments?

The Differences

Honestly, I just thought the two were the same.When it comes to a country inn and a bed & breakfast the main difference is the size. According to CityNet Magazine, country inns tend to be larger in size than a bed & breakfast, typically more than 8 rooms. All three meals will be served or offered when staying at an inn but this can vary. An “Inn Keeper” is one who has been hired to run the business and lives on site. While most bed & breakfasts are run by the owner.

Country Inn or Bed  Breakfast All Depends on Preference

Deciding on staying at an inn or bed & breakfast will really depend on your personal preference. If you would like to stay somewhere a bit smaller, intimate than a bed & breakfast is probably the best bet. A country inn will have more guests which will mean more people around the table during meals and in community areas. When staying at a bed & breakfast sometimes you will have to share a “community” bathroom with other guests. Which for me I enjoy my privacy.

Personalized Experience

What is nice about both of these options is that your stay can be more often than not, truly catered to what your needs are. If planned ahead these personalized options can be available:

  • Dietary needs for meals
  • Fresh cut flowers in room
  • Bottle of wine waiting in room
  • Chocolates or cheese plate in room
  • Excursions, day trips, local tours planned

country inn

I have stayed at both a bed & breakfast and a country inn but personally, I enjoyed staying at an inn. For me, I need my privacy when using the bathroom/showering so having a private bathroom was a must. Getting to share a meal with others and getting to meet new people during “happy hour” was a lot of fun too. Overall, a country inn will have a bit more to offer than a traditional bed & breakfast. So my advice would be to take a look at what each property has to offer. Call and speak to the innkeeper or owner to ask questions and read reviews of previous guests. No matter where you choose, it will be an experience to remember.

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