Country Inns & Weddings

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There are many ways to profit from owning a Bed and Breakfast or Country Inn. There are regular vacationers, family reunions, and honeymooners. However, a rising trend which isn’t necessarily new is having your Inn rented out to a wedding party for the weekend. It is really the best of both worlds you can rent out all the rooms to a single party have the revenues and also make money on the side for event space. While dealing with multiple vendors might be a headache if you don’t have catering onsite, it is overall worth the work as the sky’s the limit with many weddings.

The Inn

Imagine yourself as a wedding couple and throughout the week following up to your wedding you’re already there and able to see the space and just waiting to get married to your loved one. It’s a great build up and being able to spend time with family members outside the wedding day is such a treat. The bigger the better for most weddings and guests will love being able to stay nearby or “within stumbling distance” to the wedding. If you don’t have the room for an indoor wedding, but have a suitable outdoor area where tents can be set up, that’s all the better.

The Lawn

Many Bed and Breakfasts and Country Inns have wonderful landscaping harkening back to olden times where it was part of the architectural appeal of a house. These lawns are a wonderful spot for ceremonies as well as dancing. With tents or under the open sky, with stars as your lights, outdoor weddings are a wonderful treat. These natural displays of beauty are easy to prepare and will take less time overall for set up and take down for the vendors as there won’t need to be a lot of decorations to liven up the area. Beautiful and verdant, outside weddings are amazing and still quite unique.

Nearby Sites

You may not want to hold a wedding on site, but that doesn’t mean you can’t advertise towards guests and couples wanting to stay nearby to their ceremony and reception site. Many Country Inns are spectacularly located nearby other sites such as wineries, parks, and more. Being able to be nearby and have your own space at the wedding venue is very desirable and makes the experience that much more amazing! Inns are romantic for all and with wedding season underway there are many more weddings to come!

Regardless of what you do with your Country Inn or Bed and Breakfast make sure it’s unique in some way to you so that visitors come back time and time again. Another good bonus is that if a couple gets married at your inn, chances are they will be repeat customers coming in for anniversaries and other special occasions as they will tie one of the happiest days of their lives with your establishment. Be it wedding or honeymoons, Country Inns will always have a special place in the hearts of any that come into contact with them.

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