Springtime for Bed and Breakfasts

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Spring is in the air and people are coming out of hibernation and are ready to greet the sun. With the warm winds going, romance is in the mind of many and what better way than to plan a quick getaway to a lovely bed and breakfast nearby. There are over four hundred bed and breakfast/ country inn options scattered throughout the state of Virginia and each one holds something special to the owners and the visitors. Choosing a bed and breakfast to stay at is a fun endeavor and one that the visitor should enjoy the process of and one you can make easy on them.

Boutique Hotels thrive in Springtime

How to be found

Owning and buying a bed and breakfast is just the first step of your endeavor. Next is making a splash in the rental world and getting customers. Springtime is an excellent time to ramp up your outreach, and advertising on different websites as well as social media. In your outreach, you will want to make sure to denote the specials you may have running, how you run your bed and breakfast and what is nearby. While there are multiple bed and breakfasts to choose from, make yours special by offering different discounts or retreats.

Couple Friendly and Special Retreats

Below are some easy and quick ideas you can use to draw attention to your bed and breakfast and have returning customers:

  • 3-night specials โ€“ buy two nights and get a third night free
  • Couple specials โ€“ romantic getaway where there is champagne (or a non-alcoholic alternative) and chocolates available
  • Wine Lovers Retreat โ€“ include local wine tastings vouches in their booking and/or offer complimentary shuttles to different wineries in your area
  • Hikers Retreat โ€“ Offer a picnic lunch and shuttle to the most popular hiking trails in your area
  • History Retreat โ€“ Include local historic venue tickets and shuttles to them in group tours
  • Springtime Special โ€“ Bring in the flowers and romance and offer something special to you, either a date night dinner or a romantic picnic under the stars

Little Touches

You will want to make sure to include details about your establishment and offer details about the staff, property and even map out the room details. In the spring with its multitude of flowers and fresh foods, offer those to your clients. Make sure to get to know your clients and why they are visiting you, little touches like that will make you have return clients which are as good as gold.

Interesting in Buying a Bed and Breakfast?

Owning a bed and breakfast is a dream to many. If you are interested in owning one, there are a few quick items to make sure you check off.

  • Research where you want to be, this will include the location and type of customers you are aiming for. ย 
  • Make sure the property you want to buy is in the correct zoning ordinance.
  • Start your business, make sure to get all the correct documentation and paperwork completed before starting to accept lodgers.
  • Put together your bed and breakfast booking system and start living your dream!

These are just a few quick steps of the many you need, but if you have the drive, you can do anything!

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