Tips on how to make your Bed and Breakfast Shine

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Bed and Breakfast Tools of the Trade

Far from Home, Close to Heart

Walking into a bed and breakfast at any time of year is supposed to be like walking into your own house. Warm, comforting, and most importantly relaxing is what all bed and breakfasts attempt to accomplish. Visitors go to a B&B to get a feeling of home and that they matter versus going to a hotel and being another number.

If you’re considering opening a bed and breakfast or want a couple of ideas on how to wow your guests, you’ve come to the right spot!

Impressing your Guests

  • Seasonality – always consider what season it is and why your guests are visiting you. Holiday seasons mean decorations of all types.
    • Hot Tip: Consider using decorations that have been passed down or have special meaning to you. This will help spark conversations and make your travelers feel more at home.
  • Coffee and Tea – Offering basic items like coffee, tea, or even hot chocolate during the colder months will make those less adventurous to go out or in need of a quick boost very happy.
    • Hot Tip: If there is local teas or coffees you can offer, do so to provide a local feel and also feel free to let your guests know of other places they can get these types of provisions.
  • Sugar Treats and Snacks – Not many can say no to a home baked (or locally baked) treat. Having some type of either sugar treat or snack around can go a long way towards breaking the ice.
    • Hot Tip: Guests will feel more at home at your bed and breakfast if you make it known what is available to them and at what hours. Feeling comfortable in a bed and breakfast is tantamount to a good time for guests.
  • Local Tourism Boosts – If you have out of town guests, make sure to let them know the local events going on that weekend. There is a good chance they’re in town for something specific, but just in case they don’t have any ideas, have a handy list ready.
    • Hot Tip: If you have room, set up a large calendar board with local events your guests might enjoy. Set this up by your check-in area and have some basic prints out available in case your guests would like more information. Part of being part of the bed and breakfast industry is being ambassadors for your area.
  • Unique Guestbook – Guestbooks are a staple of all bed and breakfasts, making yours stand out can be quite the feat. Options include a large map with pins and names, customized books with the outline of your bed and breakfast on it, or key tags with locks.
    • Hot Tip: Make sure to utilize your guest lists and keep up with guests as they may reference your bed and breakfast to others and word of mouth goes a long way in getting more business.

Comfort, Care, and History

A bed and breakfast is what you make it. Historic or not, make your own traditions and stick to them. Running a B&B is about home and making others feel like your home is theirs. It’s a feat in itself, but with the right tools and attitude, you can go a far way towards making yours a success.  

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